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Career Track Training--Certificates and Courses

Learn anytime from anywhere. Our program features high-quality instructor-led and self-directed online courses and certificates Choose a course of study from our online course catalog and take your learning needs to a new level. Enroll today (start anytime) or choose from a fixed start date. JER Online online catalog in association with JER Group, Inc. offers courses in over 125+ different subject areas.

Click on this link to enroll in our courses:

All that is needed to take our courses is an email address, web browser and reliable Internet Access.

Steps to getting started--Here is how it works

  • Click on a highly visible ENROLL button
  • Fill out a pre-enrollment form and click on the submit button
  • Enrollment processes and provides email and web-based confirmation of pre-enrollment to student
  • Student reads directions and views contact information for making payment to the school
  • Arranges and makes payment
  • Your enrollment activated by school administrator
  • Student contacted and given details regarding how to begin course of study


Online Courses/Certificates

  • Industry-based instruction via email, web and corporate Learning Management System
  • Courses range in time on average 5-6 weeks, 90 Days, 3-12 months (check course descriptions for details)
  • Assessment--quizzes, completion projects and final exams vary depending on course of study
  • Instructor-led interaction/feedback via email/web/learning management
  • Self-directed courses engage student in interactive learning activities and projects
  • End of course evaluations
  • Industry Certification (check course descriptions)
  • Certificates of Completion (optional)

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